Degrees and Certifications:

Nancy Mulcahy


  • Reading is to the mind, what exercise is to the body. - Joseph Addison  
    AP Literature and Composition A and B 
    English 12B
    Excel 9A and 9B 
    I use Google Classroom for all of my classes. Students have access to their class and all resources and assignments for it. 

    Please check PowerSchool regularly, and don't forget to click on the blue links for explanations of assignments and/or grades. 
    • Annotating - This is a great resource that explains the importance of annotating and how to annotate. 
    • Grammar Website - This is an excellent website to access clear, simple grammar rules.  It also has several grammar exercises for practice.
    • OWL: Purdue University's Online Writing Lab - This website is a fantastic resource to use to review or check grammar rules, writing mechanics and citation guidelines.
    • turnitin - This is the platform to which students upload essays.  I transfer grades to PowerSchool, but students view my comments via this site.