• Battle of the Books

    The Battle of the Books is an exciting reading enrichment program the Baldwin Public Library sponsors through the Birmingham School District. Fourth- and fifth-grade students from all Birmingham elementary schools are invited to participate in a challenging yet fun book battle that encourages reading and a deep understanding of books of varying genres. After reading a select number of titles, students are invited to battle against other teams and answer detailed questions on all the books covered. 

    Important Dates: 

    November 9th - Battle Launch at BPS Elementary Schools

    December 6th - Battle Coaches Meeting (Team Coaches must attend this meeting or the one on 12/12)

    December 7th - Battle Team registration begins at Baldwin Public Library

    December 12th - Lana Krumwiede, author of Freakling, visits Harlan

    December 12th - Battle Coaches Meeting (Team Coaches who did not attend on 12/12 should attend this meeting)

    December 19th - BATTLE TALK: Astrotwins (4:30pm @ Baldwin)*

    January 2nd - BATTLE TALK: Freakling (7:00pm @ Baldwin)*

    January 7th - BATTLE TALK: Nooks & Crannies (7:00pm @ Baldwin)*

    January 9th - BATTLE TALK: Zoe in Wonderland (7:00pm @ Baldwin)*

    January 9th - Last Day for Battle Team registration

    January 22nd - BATTLE TALK: Towers Falling (7:00pm @ Baldwin)*

    January 24th - BATTLE TALK: Story Thieves (4:30pm @ Baldwin)*

    February 2nd - BATTLE OF THE BOOKS (10:00am @ Groves)

    *Participants must pre-register with Baldwin for Battle Talks.

    For more information about Battle of the Books, please check out Baldwin Public Library's Battlte website: Battle of the Books

    Watch the 2019 Battle of the Books Trailer here: 2019 Battle of the Books Trailer

Battle of the Books 2019

  • Astrotwins -- Project Blastoff

    by Mark Kelly Year Published: 2016

    It’s a long, hot summer and Scott and Mark are in big trouble for taking apart (aka destroying) their dad’s calculator. As a punishment, they’re sent to their grandfather’s house, where there’s no TV and they have to do chores. And Grandpa is less tolerant of the twins’ constant bickering. “Why don’t you two work together on something constructive. What if you built a go-kart or something?” Grandpa suggests. But it’s not a go-kart the twins are interested in. They want to build a rocket. With the help of Jenny, nicknamed Egg, and a crew of can-do kids, they set out to build a real rocket that will blast off and orbit the Earth. The question soon becomes: which twin will get to be the astronaut? Written by a NASA astronaut with four space flights under his belt, this exciting story includes extensive back matter on the space program with fantastic facts and details.

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  • Freakling (The Psi Chronicles Book 1)

    by Lana Krumwiede Year Published: 2014

    In twelve-year-old Taemon’s city, everyone has a power called psi — the ability to move and manipulate objects with their minds. When Taemon loses his psi in a traumatic accident, he must hide his lack of power by any means possible. But a humiliating incident at a sports tournament exposes his disability, and Taemon is exiled to the powerless colony. The "dud farm" is not what Taemon expected, though: people are kind and open, and they actually seem to enjoy using their hands to work and play and even comfort their children. Taemon adjusts to his new life quickly, making friends and finding unconditional acceptance. But gradually he discovers that for all its openness, there are mysteries at the colony, too — dangerous secrets that would give unchecked power to psi wielders if discovered. When Taemon unwittingly leaks one of these secrets, will he have the courage to repair the damage — even if it means returning to the city and facing the very people who exiled him?

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  • Nooks & Crannies

    by Jessica Lawson Year Published: 2016

    Charlie and the Chocolate Factory meets Clue when six children navigate a mansion full of secrets—and maybe money—in this “delightful gem” (School Library Journal, starred review) with heart. Sweet, shy Tabitha Crum, the neglected only child of two parents straight out of a Roald Dahl book, doesn’t have a friend in the world—except for her pet mouse, Pemberley, whom she loves dearly. But on the day she receives one of six invitations to the country estate of wealthy Countess Camilla DeMoss, her life changes forever. Upon the children’s arrival at the sprawling, possibly haunted mansion, it turns out the countess has a very big secret—one that will change their lives forever. Then the children beginning disappearing, one by one. So Tabitha takes a cue from her favorite detective novels and, with Pemberley by her side, attempts to solve the case and rescue the other children…who just might be her first real friends.

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  • Story Thieves

    by James Riley Year Published: 2015

    Life is boring when you live in the real world, instead of starring in your own book series. Owen knows that better than anyone, what with the real world’s homework and chores. But everything changes the day Owen sees the impossible happen—his classmate Bethany climb out of a book in the library. It turns out Bethany’s half-fictional and has been searching every book she can find for her missing father, a fictional character. Bethany can’t let anyone else learn her secret, so Owen makes her a deal: All she has to do is take him into a book in Owen’s favorite Kiel Gnomenfoot series, and he’ll never say a word. Besides, visiting the book might help Bethany find her father… 

    …Or it might just destroy the Kiel Gnomenfoot series, reveal Bethany’s secret to the entire world, and force Owen to live out Kiel Gnomenfoot’s final (very final) adventure.

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  • Towers Falling

    by Jewell Parker Rhodes Year Published: 2016

    When her fifth-grade teacher hints that a series of lessons about home and community will culminate with one big answer about two tall towers once visible outside their classroom window, Dèja can't help but feel confused. She sets off on a journey of discovery, with new friends Ben and Sabeen by her side. But just as she gets closer to answering big questions about who she is, what America means, and how communities can grow (and heal), she uncovers new questions, too. Like, why does Pop get so angry when she brings up anything about the towers? 

    Award-winning author Jewell Parker Rhodes tells a powerful story about young people who weren't alive to witness this defining moment in history, but begin to realize how much it colors their every day.

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  • Zoe in Wonderland

    by Brenda Woods Year Published: 2016

    Zoe Reindeer considers herself “just Zoe”—never measuring up to her too-perfect older sister or her smarty-pants little brother. Truthfully, though, she’d rather just blend in with the plants at the family business, Doc Reindeer’s Exotic Plant Wonderland. She does have one friend, Q, and he’s the best one ever—but he’s moving away, leaving Zoe to fend for herself, and she doesn’t know what she’ll do without him. That is until a tall astronomer from Madagascar comes to the nursery looking for a Baobab tree. His visit starts a ball rolling that makes Zoe long for real adventures, not just imaginary ones—and shows her that perhaps her first real adventure is finally beginning.

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