• Threat, Hate and Bias Management and Response

    We are committed to maintaining a safe and welcoming environment for all students in Birmingham Public Schools. A Responding to Hate and Bias at School Incident Response Plan Guide and framework from Teaching Tolerance has driven the individual response plans in all schools throughout the district. Each building has dedicated school support staff prepared to assist school administrators with the implementation of the plan as well as to support all students involved.

    Per Board Policy 5517 - Anti-Harassment, the Board will vigorously enforce its prohibition against discriminatory harassment based on race, color, national origin, sex (including sexual orientation and transgender identity), disability, age (except as authorized by law), religion, height, weight, marital or family status, military status ancestry, or genetic information (collectively, "Protected Classes") that are protected by Federal civil rights laws (hereinafter referred to as unlawful harassment), and encourages those within the School District community as well as third parties, who feel aggrieved to seek assistance to rectify such problems. The Board will investigate allegations of unlawful harassment and in those cases where unlawful harassment is substantiated, the Board will take immediate steps to end the harassment, prevent its recurrence, and remedy its effects. Individuals who are found to have engaged in unlawful harassment will be subject to disciplinary action. 

    Per Board Policy 5517.01 - Bullying and Other Aggressive Behavior Toward Students, it is the policy of the District to provide a safe nurturing educational environment for all of its students. This policy is intended to protect all students from bullying/aggressive behavior, including cyberbullying, regardless of the subject matter or motivation for such impermissible behavior. 

    Bullying or other aggressive behavior toward a student, whether by other students, staff, or third parties, within the school community, including Board members, parents, guests, contractors, vendors, and volunteers, is strictly prohibited. This prohibition includes written, physical, verbal, and psychological abuse, including hazing, gestures, comments, threats, or actions to a student, which cause or threaten to cause bodily harm reasonable fear for personal safety or personal degradation. 

    How do I report an incident inconsistent with BPS Policy?

    Contact Your Principal by Phone or Email

    If you call a principal after traditional business hours to report an incident, please leave a voice message or send an email that includes detailed information about the incident that you are reporting. 

    Click here for the Principal Contact Info.

    To Report In Person

    You can also report any incident to a principal or school administrator in person at any school.

    All staff are responsible for assuring support for hate and bias incidents being addressed and for providing support for students and families impacted by an incident.

    If an incident of Hate and Bias occurs, principals report incidents to the following staff at the District level:

    • Dr. Embekka Roberson, Superintendent of Schools
    • Dr. Mark Lineburg, Deputy Superintendent
    • April Imperio, Assistant Superintendent for Student Learning and Inclusion
    • Katie Dougherty, Marketing Facilitator

    To Report Online

    To report incidents of Hate and Bias, please use our Online Reporting Tool or utilize Ok2Say. For emergencies, please call 911. 

  • What should I report?

    Bullying or aggressive behavior toward a student is prohibited. You should report any written, physical, verbal, and psychological abuse, including hazing, gestures, comments, threats, or actions to a student, which cause or threaten to cause bodily harm, reasonable fear for personal safety or personal degradation.

    Please report all Threat, Hate and Bias incidents to the Principal of each school immediately.

    click here to report online