Class Projects -- 5/6 American Revolution

  • Did King George treat the American colonists fairly?

    This research question should lead you to more questions. What exactly did King George do, and why?  What caused the American Revolution?  What are taxes, and why might they be fair or not?  Who were the Loyalists and the Patriots, and what did they believe? 

    The amount of knowledge you have on the colonies and the American Revolution will help you determine your starting point.  You may want to gather more background information and jot down additional questions that you need to answer before you can truly answer the "big question."  

    Here are some resource recommendations:

    George vs George

    Books from the BCS library:

    NF--History--American Revolution

     Britannica School Edition   Britannica  
    For grades K-12.  Choose your grade level to find resources at your level including primary sources in subjects such as people, countries, science, animals, current events, and biographies.  Also accessible through    
    5/6 TIP: Get background information about the war and its causes in the article "American Revolution."  Learn more about the king in the article "George III."  A summarized history of the American Revolution is within the article "United States history."
     BrainPop   BrainPop
    For grades 4-8.  Educational, animated videos on a wide variety of topics, plus challenges, quizzes, activities, and teacher resources.
    Username is "covington" and password is our school mascot.
    5/6 TIP: Search using the keywords "American Revolution" and find 17 videos to help you get your research started.  Remember that each video is accompanied by an FYI section with even more valuable information.  Check out the FYI under the "Causes" video to learn more about King George's side of the story!
     Kids InfoBits   Kids InfoBits
    For researchers in grades K-5, with content from the best elementary reference sources and magazines.  Also accessible through    
    5/6 TIP:  Keyword search: "American Revolution."  Highlight and take notes, then send the entire article with your notes to your Google Drive.
     EBSCO eBooks   EBSCO eBooks
    For grades K-8.  Fiction and nonfiction books you can read online - for school and for fun.  Search for what you want.  Picture books, homework topics, languages learning.  Also accessible through  
    5/6 TIP:  Search "American Revolution causes."   One great book:  The Rebellious Colonists and the Causes of the American Revolution.  Maybe even more amazing: The Split History of the American Revolution : A Perspectives Flip Book.
     Gale Research in Context
    For grades 6-8: literature, science, social studies, and U.S. and world history. Information from authoritative sources including Gale, National Geographic and Scholastic.  Also accessible through  
    5/6 TIP:  There is a giant portal on the American Revolution.  Try this article to learn more about people who supported the British: "Loyalists' Reaction to the Declaration of Independence."  Another interesting side of the story to consider: "Dirty little secret: to see the Revolutionary War through the eyes of slaves is to better understand why so many of them fought for the crown."  Look under the subject heading "American loyalists," too.




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