College Preparatory Math

  • On Tuesday, June 5, our Board of Education met to discuss a range of topics as we wrap up the 2017-18 school year. At the meeting, the Board accepted a recommendation to purchase program books and materials for the College Preparatory Math (CPM) Integrated Math program, while at the same time affirming the recommendations to significantly modify the instructional component. 

    Over the last several months, educators across the district have worked to provide a positive math experience for our students. Understanding that student experience increases achievement when parents and teachers partner together, we are grateful for your engagement this past year.

    During our program review, teachers noted that using the CPM Integrated Math program, students are more engaged with math in the classroom and they are more mathematically literate. In addition, the CPM program meets state mathematics standards and our district strategic direction, offers greater exposure to probability/statistics, increases problem-solving skills and provides real-life math application.

    Over the year, parent forums, parent, teacher and student surveys, individual and small group meetings, and classroom visits provided extensive feedback to our leadership teams. This data led to significant modifications within the math program so that student needs are better addressed. Changes include:

    • The group grading is not included as part of individual term grades.
    • Instructional adjustments in lesson structure and pacing with 50-70% direct instruction.
    • There are relearn/retake unit test opportunities.
    • There are increased math support options.
    • There is an additional math elective for third trimester during Integrated Math 2 and 3.

    Honors and Advanced Placement sequences will continue as we move forward with the CPM program. Our district will continue to provide opportunities for high achieving students to be challenged and encouraged to reach new and greater heights.

    Looking to the future, our work is not complete. We will continue to provide teachers with professional development that is centered around content, group dynamics, assessment for learning and best practices in mathematics instruction. We will continue to ask for your feedback as we monitor and adjust the instructional process to meet student needs. We will also provide parents with opportunities to more completely understand the philosophy and instructional approach within the CPM Integrated Math program.

    As an outgrowth of parent and student communications, math support classes, co-taught classes, and optional third trimester options will be available at the high schools next year. Parents of students interested in these options should contact either their students’ math teacher or school counselor.

    Again, thank you to our parents and staff members that worked together to develop a program that will continue to help our students achieve their potential and succeed in and out of the classroom!

    Dr. Joseph Hoffman
    Assistant Superintendent for Teaching and Learning