• Business Technology

    Seaholm High School offers State approved Career and Technical Education (CTE) Programs, available to all students, which include Finance, marketing Sales and Services, Business Management and Administration, and Information Technology. Through a variety of course offerings, the Business Technology Department provides opportunities for all students to engage in learning activities and develop those skills and levels of knowledge identified as necessary for success in current and future educational and work environments. 

    Programs are continually updated to provide the skills and expertise needed for high demand and high wage careers. Within each program, students are taught the skills to be creative problem solvers in today's competitive and global marketplace. 

    Did You Know?

    Business Technology courses fulfill general education and a 4th year math related credit requirement. Students can also take advantage of the CTE Capstone Internship (Work Based Learning) Program, which gives the student the opportunity to gain on-the-job experiene while earning cash and credits towards graduation. You will learn skill syou will need and use in high school, college and your career.