• A primary goal of the Groves High School Choral Department is to foster student leaders. In cooperation with Mrs. Priebe, student leaders play an important role in the success of the ensemble. These positions should be taken very seriously and only certain students will be placed in positions of leadership. The officers should serve as examples to all students in the choir through their daily actions, rehearsal etiquette, attitude, and involvement in the program.  First and foremost, it is expected that leaders in the Groves Choir embody the virtues of the program:

    1. Responsibility: through punctuality, following through with commitments, bringing supplies to rehearsal, communicating with the director, delivering information to parents, and making a marked effort to improve musical skills and learn repertoire.
    2. Professionalism: by displaying self-discipline, working well with others, having an attitude of respect of the director and other school staff, presenting a positive image for the organization, and displaying the qualities of a professional musician.
    3. Dignity: by using appropriate language and etiquette, displaying self-motivation in rehearsal.
    4. Integrity: through honesty with the director, oneself, and other students, regular attendance at school and out of school rehearsals and events.
    5. Compassion: through sensitivity and acceptance of diversity, displaying kindness and encouragement to peers, and displaying empathy for others.


    1. President: The choir president serves as coordinator of student officers and public liaison for the choir department and is responsible for scheduling and planning regular officer meetings, coordinating choir officer functions and fundraisers, and assisting the choir director as needed. This person should be a strong leader, give the choir pep talks about progress from time to time, help to run class if Mrs. Priebe is gone, and lead bonding games and activities throughout the year. This student must participate in 2-3 trimesters of choir.

    2. Vice-President(s): The choir vice-president(s) will share the jobs planning choir camp activities, planning the choir banquet, and assisting the choir president in all activities. This person will also help to run class (play warm-ups and practice tracks from computer, etc.) when Mrs. Priebe is gone. The vice president(s) will also assist the director in maintaining the inventory of the choir department including checking uniforms in and out throughout the year. This student must participate in two trimesters of choir for the current year.

    3. Social Chair/Historian: The social chair is responsible for communicating with students, the school, and the community concerning choir events through the use of the choir Facebook page, Twitter Account, and Instagram. They should always be equipped with a camera (or a smartphone) and ready to catch the awesome events in the choir department throughout the year.The social chair should also prepare announcements to be read over the intercom about choir events. The social chair should also play the part of the choir "cheerleader" helping to spread high levels of excitement and department spirit. This officer is responsible for putting together the end of the year slide show for the banquet as well as the yearly memory book.They should plans 1 – 2 social outings for the choir per trimester (mini-golf, bonfire, dinner, movie night at someone’s house, etc.) and participate in at least 1-2 trimesters of choir.

    4. Secretary/Librarian: The secretary/librarian keeps track of Varsity Points earned by everyone for the year, tells Mrs. Priebe how many varsity letters to order by the beginning of the 3rd trimester, helps plan and organize choir events (camp, etc.). This officer will assist the director in maintaining the inventory of the choir department. This position may require time after school to assist with music check-in and check-out. This person must participate in at least 2 trimesters of choir for the current year.


    5. Student Director: The student director will be a member of the concert choir who aspires to possibly be a music director one day. This position will give a small taste of what it is to be a music director. The student director will help with various choir office tasks and on occasion be allowed to lead warm-ups and sight-reading.

    6. Section Leaders: These students should be strong leaders with strong music reading skills; ability to play their part on the piano a bonus. They will play practice tracks from her/his phone connected to blue tooth speaker and encourage section but also push them to work hard. This leader is responsible for keeping their section ON TRACK during sectional rehearsals. Failure to do so will be cause for dismissal from the position. If needed, new section leaders will be selected each trimester.

    If you think that you embody the virtues listed above and can see yourself serving the choir in one of these roles, please fill out the application below by Friday, September 10.