• Harlan Birthday Book Club

    The new Harlan Birthday Book Club is one way in which you can celebrate your child’s birthday in a special way and help our library collection continue to grow.

    If you choose to participate in the program, your child will be invited to select a new book from our Birthday Book Club cart located in our library on or near your child’s birthday (summer birthdays will celebrate on or near their half birthdays). Inside the book we will place a bookplate with your child’s name and birthday. The book will become part of the Harlan library collection. The birthday child will also have the honor of being the first to check out the book. Participation in the program involves a $20 donation per child. Most children’s library bound books cost $15 to $25. The library will subsidize any additional cost. 

    Children have a special appreciation for the books they have selected to add to our library shelves. They enjoy seeing their name and the names of their friends and siblings in favorite library books. This is a wonderful way to commemorate a special occasion and to help our library maintain a high quality collection. 

    If you are interested in joining, complete the form below and return it to school along with the $20 donation (per child). Please make checks payable to Birmingham Public Schools and write Harlan Library in the memo line. Your generosity will benefit all our students. We thank you for your participation and support of your school library!