• National Honor Society

    Frequently Asked Questions...

    Q. I have a 3.48 and didn't receive a letter stating I am eligible for NHS this year. Why?

    A. Per the National Honor Society requirements, candidates must have a cumulative unweighted, unmodified scholastic average of 3.500 or above.  

    Q. What happens if my GPA falls below at 3.5 during my time in NHS?

    A. Grade reports are typically run after the second trimester. Students currently in NHS whose GPA falls below a 3.5 unweighted will be put on academic probation for 6 months. During this time, students are expected to continue doing community service.

    Q. What happens if I didn't complete the 25 hours of community service?

    A. When joining NHS, students are aware of the 25 hour community service requirement. You will be suspended for 6 months for NHS until the requirement is fulfilled. 

    Q. I received an academic misconduct and am a member of NHS. What happens now?

    A. Students receiving an academic misconduct will be notified in writing and meet with an Assistant Principal. An academic misconduct results in a dismissal from NHS. Upon being told of the violation, the student has the opportunity to appeal the dismissal by coming before the Faculty Council to appeal this decision. 


    Q. I received an MIP and am a member of NHS. What happens now?

    A. Students receiving an MIP are suspended from NHS for 12 months.