• C3 Class: Creating a Caring Community

    All Berkshire students and staff members have a C3 class each day. C3 is 21 minutes long.  During this time teachers and students participate in intentional activities that create community within our classes, school, and community. Although all C3 classes take on the persona of the teacher and students, all C3 classes participate in the following activities throughout the week:

    Mindfulness Monday (Bridge Builders meets on this day):

    • Students and staff take time to practice Mindfulness. 
    • Students and staff prepare for the week ahead: review organized activities, plan your schedule, check PowerSchool, set goals and prepare for the academic week ahead.

    Current Events Day:

    • Students tune into CNN student news or read news articles and discuss local and global events. 

    Wildcard Day:

    • Classes are encouraged to challenge each other to healthy competition through board games, sports, games, etc. This is also a time for students to do ice breakers, socialize, or work on their homework. We see awesome connections being made during Wildcard Days - teachers playing games with students, kids having extra time to socialize and make connections with each other and with their teachers.

    Reading and Writing Day:

    • Students have a chance to purposefully read and/or write in their C3 journals, responding to creative-writing prompts.
    • Students may silently read their own personal books, or participate in a C3 book study.​

    Fire-Up Friday (Bridge Builders meets on this day):

    • Students and staff put their energy into finishing the week strong, with a Character Ed focus- perhaps it is through conversation about your best/worst of the week, or maybe through watching an inspirational video, or maybe it's even finishing homework so that one can enjoy a homework-free weekend, this fire-up day puts everyone in good spirits for the relaxing weekend ahead!