• Hours of Operation

    The library is open for student use during school hours. If students are not visiting with their teacher, they must have teacher permission AND the librarian or noon aide must be present.

    Student Use

    Students are expected to abide by the Derby rules for behavior and the posted library CHAMPS poster for behavior.
    1. Be doing something productive.
    2. Be doing it in a way that allows others to be productive.
    3. Be respectful of other people and property.
    4. Ask for help when needed.


    Students may borrow up to 3 materials at a time. The loan period for all materials is three weeks. Students may renew their materials once online through their Destiny account, or in person. Additional renewals require the student to bring the book to the circulation counter.


    Proactive date due reminders are emailed to parent and student Outlook email accounts on Sunday and Wednesday mornings. Overdue notices will be sent on Monday mornings. Students are charged $0.05 per in-session school day for each overdue item. 

    Lost/Damaged Materials

    If a student loses any library material, then the student is required to pay for the new replacement cost of the borrowed item. Sometimes books are lost and paid for, then later found. If the lost item is returned to the library within 90 days, the cost of the book will be refunded to the family, minus the overdue fines incurred. If a student returns a library item in damaged condition, then the student is responsible for paying the replacement cost for the damaged item. 

    How does the fine money support Derby students? 

    Fine money is used to: 

    • purchase books that were just published and are being requested by our students
    • purchase replacement copies of well-loved and worn titles 
    • purchase missing titles in a series - We have books 2 and 3, but are missing book one
    • fund student giveaways like the Newbery award winners bundle and Dragon Fire prizes
    • purchase Birbery contenders - when we need a copy to read to make a decision
    • buy food for the Birbery celebration party - pizza, pop, snacks, prizes, etc.
    • pay for the limo ride to Baldwin 
    • acquire library processing items like book jackets, glue, paperback laminate, labels, book easels, replacement stamps, posters, etc.  

    Contact the Librarian

    Sarah Sindelar, School Librarian