• December 6, 2018

    Our first PD in 3 went well for everyone watching LIVE, however the recording's audio was too garbled to post.  The audio issue has been resolved so future sessions will be recorded and posted here.  Thanks!

    Katie Zerilli Testing Students in Illuminate using a quick code for setup
    Gina Paesani-Smith Using Lynx to split the screen to show a way for young students to use the feature to access a text.
    Stephanie Hicks Kahoot Reports
    Adrienne Fazzolara Google Slides Student Template
    Adrienne Fazzolara Google Slides, Slide Carnival and other templates

     Here are some slides from the presenters.team work

    Katie Zerilli

     Gina Paesani-Smith

     Recorded Session (Dec. 13, 2018)

    Miroslav Pavle Manovski BookCreator with Chrome
    Katie Zerilli Using ipads to record mystery stories & upload to Google Classroom for peer feedback and collaboration
    Colleen Thomas Quiz Creation in Google Forms
    Gina Paesani-Smith Using seesaw as exit tickets and for formative assessment
    Molly Guckian Using Kidblog.org to journal/"blog" and collaborate digitally

    January 10, 2019 Recording

    • Link to Jessie's Minecraft slideshow
    Jessie Heckman Features in Minecraft Education Edition that are great for the collaborative project in the classroom.
    Helen Fountain Seesaw and Parent Communication
    Stephanie Hicks Snowflake Games 
    Gina Paesani-Smith Using the Nearpod library to enhance learning for students
    Katie Zerilli Using the color overlay to aid students with dyslexia in Snowflake

    January 17th Recording

    Lynne Keller Using Myon to select books that align with your curriculum
    Stephanie Hicks Creating Flags/Topics in Google Classroom
    Leisa Passarelli Mirror your laptop or iPad to your CleverBoard
    Greg Durham Using My Bib for students research
    Ann Truesdell Access and intro to MeL's FREE Explora/eBooks collection

    February 7, 2019 Recording  

    Candace Greer-Jefferson How G Suite, NoodleTools, and GALE works together in research
    Elizabeth Cook Sphere2 for screen-casting and student engagement with your document camera
    Mat Brown Calibrating canvases in Fusion360 to create spline drawings.
    Barb Harte Polling with Google Forms
    Sharla Lawshea Transform teaching with Hyperdocs


    February 28, 2019 Recording

    Susan Arslanian Snowflake Lessons Online: Seats
    Adrienne Fazzolara Create a Class in EdPuzzle
    Leslie Delgado Using Google Keep for research
    Carrie Betts Using Lightbog on Clevertouch Boards K-2
    Sharla Lawshea Breakout EDU-Designing Teacher Guides

    March 7, 2019 Recording

    Annette LaBelle Snowflake Lessons: Finding lessons & saving to favorites
    Sharla Lawshea Clevertouch (Multiteach lessons for high school)
    Sherri Levitt Nearpod: interactive presentations
    Tim Stanley Google Expeditions
    Ann Llewellyn Talk and Commet Chrome Extension

    March 28, 2019 Recording

    Elisabeth Stayer Epic! Reading for Elementary Research & Self-Selected Reading
    Billy Jackson YouTube: A teacher's best friend
    Sherri Levitt Useful Google Extensions
    Mignon Claybourne Follett Destiny Collections
    Ann Llewellyn ReadWorks.org


    April 11, 2019 Recording

    Kimberly McManaman Lan School- How to share teacher and student screens
    Rebecca Daugherty Google Extensions for ALL students
    Chelsea Gacki Create/set up an interactive notebook with Google Slides
    Ann Llewellyn Google Applied Digital Skills and the Snipping Tool

    May 9, 2019 Recording

    Kimberly McManaman Flipgrid: tips, updates and reminders
    Lindsay Woch Epic Reading:analyze student reading & create assignments
     Ann Llewellyn  Media Literacy:determining credibility of resources

    May 23, 2019 Recording

    Pauline Roberts Microsoft Teams for Professional Learning Communities
    Heather Gambone Math applications in Snowflake
    Darrin Winkler Using the "Remove Image Background" website tool for editing your photos