• Core Physics 

    Core Physics is a college preparatory laboratory class in which students will explore topics in physics such as kinematics, momentum, force, energy, electromagnetic radiation, and waves. Through laboratory investigations, data analysis, and problem-solving tasks, students will construct knowledge of physics in order to solve real-world problems.

    Units of Study

    Unit 1 - Forces and Motion

    Unit 2 - Energy and Momentum

    Unit 3 - Electricity and Magnetism

    Unit 4 - Electromagnetic Radiation

    Google Classroom

    All handouts, answer keys, notes and additional materials will be posted to Google Classroom.  The code for this trimester is arxu3nm.

    Additional Help

    I am available every day from 6:45 until 7:30 in my office, which is across from my classroom.  I am also available during X-block on Tuesday and Thursday mornings or in the afternoons every day except Monday.  

    An additional resource to help students is The Physics Classroom website.  The link is in the Helpful Resources tab on the left.