• eFunds for Schools

    BPS now has eFunds for SchoolseFunds is a user friendly program that allows you to make school payments by credit card OR from your checking/savings account.  There is a small convenience fee associated with each payment: $1.00 for using your checking/savings account information (direct ACH), and $2.65 (per $100) for using your credit/debit card. eFunds payments are strictly for parent/guardian’s convenience.

    First, you must set-up your eFunds account.  Please note that If you already have a BPS eFunds account, you can now add your BCS student to your account. The student must be a current student of BCS to use eFunds.

    1. To create an account or to login to an existing account, visit: https://payments.efundsforschools.com/v3/districts/56264
    2. You will need your child’s school ID number to add him/her to your account.  The ID number can be found on their student ID or report card.  This ID number will follow your child throughout their BPS career.  You may have used it to set up their lunch account already. 
    3. Complete the requested information to link your child and your payment information to your account.
    4. Select your student and click OPTIONAL FEE.
    5. If submitting a form, please make sure you write “eFUNDS Payment” on the top, so it is clear that you are NOT including a check.

    Below is a Step-by Step Set-Up Guide for Parents:

    File attachments:
    Birmingham Parent Step-by-Step 07252018.pdf