• Scholarships

    The best source for merit-based scholarship money will be through the college or university where you plan to attend. However, there are also private scholarships awarded by community groups, individuals, and foundations. Information and applications for these scholarships arrive on a rolling basis and are posted here. Seniors interested in scholarship opportunities should check this website frequently.

    Students who match the criteria outlined by the organization are encouraged to apply. Applications for many scholarships are available online. Click on the links for individual scholarships to find applications. If there is not a web link, a paper application may be available in the College & Career Center.


    • Observe application deadlines - a postmarked letter is not the same as having the entire application in by a specific date.
    • If a counselor recommendation is required, the completed application must be submitted to your counselor at least one week prior to the deadline.
    • Neatness counts, especially handwritten items.
    • PROOFREAD your essays; spelling and punctuation are both important.