Self Service Password Manager


    Technology Services is always looking for ways to help our users get their issues resolved as quick as possible. One of the most common requests we get is to help staff members reset their passwords because they have been forgotten or expired. This is especially common when users go away from the district for an extended period of time, Like the upcoming Midwinter Recess. To help with this we have implemented a tool that will allow you to reset, unlock, or change your password on your own!

     Like many other tools it can rely upon you setting up and answering verification questions or even utilize your cellphone to receive a secure PIN to use during the reset process. This will empower our users to take this task into their own hands and complete this process whenever it is needed or convenient!

     The tool can be found by visiting this website from anywhere in the country, including your mobile phone.

    You will need to enroll yourself in the service before you have a need to use it. I recommend doing that as soon as possible. Directions to complete the enrollment process can be found by clicking here

    You may receive an email from the helpdesk reminding you to enroll after 60 days if you have not completed the process. You will also now begin to receive emails from the helpdesk 2 weeks before your password is set to expire reminding you to change it.

    If you have any questions or concerns please let us know by contacting the Helpdesk (33123) or your building TOA (Jason Wilt) directly.