Groves Solo and Ensemble

  • In March, members of the Groves Orchestra program participated in the Michigan School Band & Orchestra Association’s (MSBOA) STATE Solo & Ensemble Festival held at South Lyon HS. This is an event where students compete as a soloist, or in a small ensemble, against set criteria for a judge. To qualify for this event, students must have received a Division I rating at District Solo & Ensemble. The Groves Orchestra is directed by Paul Shawver. 

    The scoring breakdown is as follows: Division I = Superior, Division II = Excellent, Division III = Good, Division IV = Fair, and Division V = Poor.

    Students worked very hard in preparation with the goal of meeting their individual potential for this event. They did a fantastic job and performed extremely well! The Groves Orchestra program had 15 entries into the competition, resulting in 11 Division I and 4 Division II ratings! I am very proud of our hard-working and talented students! Please congratulate them at your earliest convenience.

    Earning a Division I Rating:
    (in no particular order)

    Aidan Krieger- violin solo
    Ethan Biederman, Aarani Balendran, Matthew Inda, Tessa Irish-Minewiser- string quartet
    Molly Kohl- violin solo
    Clarice Kim- violin solo
    Sean Smith- cello solo
    Aaron Stottlemyer- viola solo
    Ethan Biederman- violin solo
    Aarani Balendran- violin solo
    Tessa Irish-Minewiser- cello solo
    Curtis Rogers, Hadin Sayed, Maya Trajano- cello trio
    Ava Citko- viola solo

    Earning a Division II Rating:
    (in no particular order)

    Henry Berthel- cello solo
    Jacob Flaherty- violin solo
    Kathleen VanderWeele- cello solo
    Kathleen VanderWeele & Callie Ostrowski- cello duet