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At Birmingham Public Schools, our primary goal is to deliver an exceptional educational experience to every student. Our focus lies in character education, encouraging students to make a positive difference in the world. Every made decision is centered around what will benefit our students the most.

We achieve this by recognizing that each student is an individual with their own set of experiences, talents, and social-emotional requirements. By considering their overall well-being, valuing their input and fostering strong relationships with their families and communities, we foster a love for learning. The district's commitment to providing a comprehensive education ensures that our students thrive academically and personally.

  • By engaging students, teachers, and the community in district-wide initiatives such as curriculum review cycles, curriculum guide development, assessment selection and the development and facilitation of professional learning.  
  • Through academic freedom for our teachers, supported by high quality instructional materials that cultivates an educational community where all students can reach their fullest potential.  
  • With a wide variety of enrichment opportunities that meet students where they are, accelerates their learning and extends their skills and talents beyond the classroom.  
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