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Standards of Quality - Performance Outcomes: 
The Strategic Plan emphasizes the need for an updated and stimulating curriculum that caters to all students. A crucial aspect is the adoption of developmentally suitable practices, ensuring that both the curriculum and instructional strategies are appropriate for each age group and individual student. The implementation of these practices starts at the kindergarten level, with a gradual progression in curriculum planning and staff development.

Young children's experiences and understanding, coupled with their innate sense of curiosity, serve as the building blocks for learning during their early years in school. Our educational program is specifically crafted to foster the development of children's full potential. The focus lies on creating learning opportunities that enable children to establish connections between what they already know and new concepts, skills, and information. While all subject areas have clearly defined objectives, we ensure that learning is seamlessly integrated across these disciplinary boundaries. By designing classroom experiences that reinforce one another, we help children understand how the skills they acquire are relevant to real-life situations.

The BPS curriculum has embraced technology as a vital component. Students now rely on technology extensively, both in the classroom and in the school media center, to accomplish various tasks. They use it to search for answers to their questions, collaborate with experts and peers, analyze and present data, as well as create documents and presentations. Furthermore, teachers utilize technology tools to enhance students' understanding of subject-area content by incorporating captivating multimedia resources into their lessons.

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