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Grades 6-8

In the realm of middle school, there exists a multitude of opportunities for young adolescents to delve into their abilities and aptitudes through academic competitions, mentorships, musical ensembles, theatrical productions, intramural and interscholastic sports activities, clubs and organizations, as well as enrichment initiatives such as Berkshire's Activities & Enrichment program and Derby's Explore program. Concurrently, middle school students benefit from personalized attention provided by teams of devoted educators and guidance counselors who accompany them throughout their three-year journey. These counselors also oversee support groups for students, organize educational programs for parents/guardians and aid in the integration of new families into the school community.

The curriculum in middle schools is imbued with technology. Students have daily access to technology within both classroom settings and the media center. This enables them to seek solutions to inquiries they may have while connecting with experts or peers from all corners of the globe. Furthermore, it allows them to explore answers pertaining to various subjects across disciplines.

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