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English Language Development

At Birmingham Public Schools, we place great importance on the varied strengths and contributions that our students and families bring to our educational community. Our unwavering commitment is to deliver exceptional educational opportunities of the highest caliber to every student.

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BPS highly values the diverse assets and contributions that our students and families bring to our schools, and we are dedicated to providing the highest quality educational opportunities for all students. We are honored to offer unique opportunities for our students and families with a home or native language other than, or in addition to, English. We encourage you to continue embracing, celebrating, and maintaining your native language(s) and cultural identities.

Our services focus on supporting students with English language acquisition and development and assisting them with core academic content. We work to welcome and learn about new cultures and support our students as they navigate new experiences and build cultural identities.


Families must first complete our standard enrollment process to enroll in the BPS ELD (English Language Development) program. This includes filling out necessary forms and providing required documentation. Once this is done, a member of the ELD team will contact the family to schedule an intake interview. During this interview, the student's English proficiency will be assessed to determine if they are eligible for ELD services.

If found eligible, students will be added to the ELD's roster at the elementary level or scheduled to attend an ELD class at the secondary level. Our ELD program is designed to support students learning English as a second language and help them achieve academic success.


For additional details, contact or Kaitlyn Billops at

The ELD program is a part of Birmingham Public Schools, a public school district in Michigan that serves students from kindergarten through grade 12. If you're an adult interested in ESL classes: