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  • Virtual Learning Frequently asked questions:

    Q.  I have a district computer and I am connected to the WiFi but it won't let me access the Internet! 

    A.  More than likely you are trying to use your student credentials when trying to logon to the District iBoss Filter, not the username and password provided to you when you picked up the laptop.  If you need assistance, please contact Mrs. Garbutt at

    How do I get to ClassLink:

    • Go to the Birmingham website
    • Scroll down and click on the ClassLink icon
    • Sign in using your Birmingham credentials
    • YOu now should be able to access all the apps you need for school

    When I go to Schoology, I can't find my school-

    Make sure you are logging on to Classlink first. ClassLink is the quickest, easiest way to navigate through Virtual Learning.

    QI click on a teachers Zoom link but it won't let me download the Zoom extension. -

    A.  I have only seen this happen on the district laptops.
    To resolve the issue:

    • Restart your Laptop
    • Open the Chrome browser
    • Make sure you sign into the iBoss filter with the proper credentials
    • Navigate to Zoom  (
    • Click download
    • The Zoom extension should download. It will appear in the bottom left of the taskbar. (You may get a warning message- Clcik keep, then click the triangle next to it and select show in folder)
    • Once it has downloaded, double click it to start the install
    • Follow the on screen prompts to complete the install

    QI can't log in-

    A.  To best assist you with this problem, we need to know what you can't log in to. Possibly you are using the wrong account information for a site that you need to login to. Remember, if you are using ClassLink, your username and password information are collected and stored in classLink so You don't have to log on every time you need it. 


    Here are places you would need credentials:

     Computer Logon

    Computer logon -(district devices only) 
    This is your username and password (Birmingham Account)


     ClassLink logon - This is your username and password (Birmingham Account)

     Office 365

    Office 365 logon-Use your Birmingham Account.  Make sure to set up in ClassLInk


    Outlook Email - Use your (Birmingham Account) credentials. Make sure to set up in ClassLink.


    Powerschool - Use your birmingham username and your password  given to you from the district. Send an email to if you need it reset.


    Gmail - Use your  credentials.  Email Mrs. Garbutt at if  you need your password reset

     Google Drive

    Google Drive - Use your  credentials. Email Mrs. Garbutt at if you need your password reset


    I log on to Schoology, but I can’t upload my assignments from Google Drive-

    A.  There are three reasons this may happen:

    Reason one: - The Schoology Extension did not load properly. Reinstall if you are having issues.

    Reason two: - You did not use ClassLink to access Schoology. Close the browser, then reopen it and navigate to ClassLink to open Schoology.

    Reason three- You did not connect your Google Resource Drive in Schoology. Make sure to download the Google Resource app while in Schoology and then put in your Google credentials to connect them to your assignments.The next time you use Google Resource, it will automatically log you on as long as you have logged on through ClassLink.

    How do I use my Google Drive in Schoology?
    1. Click Resources at the top of your home page.
    2. Select Apps on the left.
    3. Click Install Apps under My Resources Apps.
    4. Select Google Drive in the pop-up menu.
    5. Click Install to add the app to your resource apps.
    6. To connect the app to your Google account, click Connect.

    Submitting Google Drive Resources to an Assignment

    If your teacher has assigned a Google Drive Assignment to you, you can use the Google Drive Assignments App to submit your assignment.

    1. Open the assignment from Course Materials.
    2. Click Submit Assignment.
    3. Within the Upload window, select Resources.
    4. Click Apps, and then Google Drive.
    5. Search for your document using the search bar.
    6. Check the box to the left of the item you wish to upload to the assignment.
    7. Select Import > Import File.
    8. The Google Drive item will be submitted directly to the Assignment for your instructor's review.
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