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Pest Management

Pest control, integrated pest management, pesticides & herbicidesBPS has a long-standing relationship with EnviroSafe, which specializes in the special challenges of school districts in dealing with pests and pest management. Their solutions always start with the least invasive, non-chemical methods possible in areas where students and staff could possibly come in contact and progress only to other methods when absolutely necessary.
We understand exposure in today’s environment is a great concern to parents, staff and students and we absolutely agree. Learn more about EnviroSafe and its services.

Per regulation and BPS policies, parents may elect to be notified when more aggressive (chemical) integrated pest management efforts are required at district buildings.

BPS Pesticide/Herbicide advisory

Helpful Tips

EnviroSafe offers a library of information about dealing with pests as naturally and chemically free as possible. These helpful tips may assist you at BPS as well as outside.