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Birmingham ice skating crowned state champs

Birmingham Ice Skating pose with state trophy
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Birmingham Ice Skating bounces back following a runner-up showing at last year's state championship to claim the 2023-2024 crown. 

Ice Skating Completes Mission

The Birmingham Ice Skating team had their eyes set on finishing the mission for the 2023-2024 season after narrowly missing out on the top spot at states the previous year. Led by Groves junior captain Erin Biederman, the team displayed an exceptional performance throughout the season to secure their fifth consecutive appearance at state championships.

The team's dominance was evident as they clinched first place at all three District 1 competitions, outshining five school districts. Their remarkable consistency paved the way for a strong resurgence and a shot at the coveted state crown.

The team showcased their prowess in each segment. Saige Purther (Seaholm) mesmerized the audience with a flawless double lutz, setting the stage for an awe-inspiring performance. Biederman's graceful execution of a double axel and a triple-toe, double-toe combination further solidified their position at the top. Seaholm junior Ryan Pesta's powerful jumps propelled the team to the forefront, placing them first out of a dozen teams in the jumps category.

Birmingham’s finesse was on full display during the moves in the field segment. Seaholm freshman Lily Nowak's balanced spirals, Seaholm sophomore Mia Latinsky's technical back loops and Biederman's elegant moves mesmerized the judges, securing the team's position in the top three.

As the competition reached its climax, Birmingham left a lasting impression with its exceptional spins. Purther's back camel, Pesta's layback, and Biederman's flawless execution of the flying sit and combination spins earned them a well-deserved second place.

After an intense and captivating display of skill and artistry across all three sections, Birmingham team was crowned State Champions, marking a remarkable journey of redemption and triumph for the entire team.

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