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Season of Giving

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Schools Offer Support (SOS) is kicking off its annual Season of Giving campaign, a district-wide initiative to provide assistance to families facing hardship during the holiday season. 

School Offer Support (SOS) accepting donations for Season of Giving campaign

BIRMINGHAM — As we approach the holiday season, Schools Offer Support (SOS) is once more seeking the support of our community for its annual Season of Giving, a district-wide endeavor aimed to assist families in our schools who require a little help in purchasing holiday gifts. In the previous year, thanks to the community's generous, SOS was able to provide support to more than 40 BPS families with children attending almost every district school. Undoubtedly, there will be numerous families in need of assistance once again this year.

SOS is currently accepting gift cards until Friday, Dec. 8. These gift cards will be given out, along with wrapping paper and greeting cards, to allow families to shop for holiday gifts.

Season of Giving is a means through which SOS provides assistance to BPS families facing hardship.

Last year, Schools Offer Support provided:

  • $12,000 in grants and grocery-gift cards to over 30 families from around the district.
  • Granted 15 laptop scholarships to graduating seniors from both Groves and Seaholm.

The organization has already received request by nearly 20 families seeking financial aid, totaling over $6,000 in assistance. The unwavering generosity of the BPS community is evident annually and with your support, we aspire to achieve yet another prosperous season of giving! 

— Schools Offer Support Executive Board

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