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Sign on door at Adult Transition Program

Welcome to the BATP, a supportive and compassionate environment where students and staff form a close-knit community. We take great satisfaction in assisting young adults in reaching their utmost potential for self-reliance. The overall goal is to empower our adult learners to lead fulfilling and engaging lives, actively involved in their local community.

BATP is a unique school for adults with mild cognitive impairments, autism or other developmental disabilities between the ages of 18-26. We're conveniently located across from the tennis courts at Seaholm High School. Students attending the BATP must be recommended during their senior year of high school, have an IEP to participate and have not taken their diploma upon the completion of high school. The purpose of the program is to provide continuing education in the areas of community access, pre-vocational skills and life skills that most students need beyond high school.

Our goal, in collaboration with families and the community, is to provide meaningful educational opportunities incorporating vocational, social, communication, and daily living skills, so that students can be as independent and active as possible within their community.

Birmingham ASD Center Based Adult Transition Program

Birmingham operates a center program for students with autism. Students within Oakland County may be placed in our Post-Secondary ASD Center Program when their local district is not able to meet their needs, including those from within Birmingham Public Schools. Placement in the ASD center program is an IEP team decision.

Birmingham CI Adult Transition Program

Birmingham operates a post-secondary program for resident students between the ages of 18 and 26.  Placement in the CI Adult Transition program is an IEP team decision.

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Ribbon cutting ceremony at the adult transition program