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Parent Advisory Council (PAC)

The Birmingham Specialized Instruction and Student Services Advisory Council (SE-PAC) is comprised of up to 15 parents, all of whom have children with Individualized Education Plans (IEP) in the BPS district.  Additional participants include: BPS Superintendent, Executive Director of Specialized Instruction and Student Services, a Supervisor from the Department of Specialized Instruction and Student Services and a BPS Board of Education (BOE) Liaison. 

Learn how to get involved and be a parent voice: 

PAC Application

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Participating in BPS Strategic Planning, Steering Committees, and Action Plan GroupsServing as representatives of various community groups:  Oakland Schools ISD—PAC and BPS Parent Teacher Association (PTA)Representing the Department of Special Education on many groups and committees throughout BPS including:  PTA, Education Council. African American Family Network, Preschool Task ForceWorking collaboratively with the Friends of Different Learners (FODL) to ensure communication between parents and throughout the BPS district.


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