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Proceed to log in using your login credentials. Keep in mind the password for this system will be updated whenever you change your computer or email password.

After successfully logging in, you will be directed to the Help Request page. Simply fill out the provided form and click on the Save button located in the lower right corner to submit your ticket. As you make selections from the dropdown menus, additional options may become available.

Please be aware that the available request types may change periodically as new trends emerge and adjustments are made to enhance workflow efficiency. Choose the most appropriate request type based on your needs. It's essential to note that some request types may require you to select a secondary type. Failure to complete this step will prevent you from submitting your ticket.

To ensure efficient processing of your tickets, please provide as much detailed information as possible in the designated space. This should include any troubleshooting steps you have already taken before submitting the request. Keep in mind that insufficient information may result in a follow-up call from the Help Desk or your TOA, requesting further details to effectively assist you.

The "Carbon Copy" field allows you to send a duplicate of your Help Request to individuals outside of the Technology Services department. This could include colleagues, supervisors, or anyone else you want to keep informed. Your TOA will automatically receive your ticket, so please do not include them in the Cc: field. If you choose to enter an email address in this field, remember to check the "Enabled" box on the right before saving.

Attachments: Web Help Desk offers the option to easily attach screenshots, documents, or any other files that you believe will aid us in resolving your issue.

The Location field is mandatory, but it does not necessarily have to be your exact classroom or office location. If you are submitting a help request for a problem in a lab, simply select the appropriate building and enter the corresponding room number.

Other Options in Web Help Desk

Along the top of the Web Help Desk screen is a series of tabs (see below). Each of these allows you access to different parts of the Web Help Desk system, as described below.