• Welcome to the Opinions for Otterbacher webpage!

    Derby students and parents, we want to encourage you to communicate with us using Opinions for Otterbacher. This format has been set up to make sure that your voices are heard at Derby Middle School. The Notes are a way for you to share your "wonderings" and concerns with the Derby counselors and administrative staff.

    While at school, you can always get an "Opinions for Otterbacher" form from your A2 teacher's classroom, or from the library.  Alternately, or from this page, you can email your message to your counselor.  Please either click below on your counselor's email address (to select your default email program) or copy the email address and paste it into the TO: field of an email.

    Student/Parent Group Counselor Email Address
    Students with last names ending in M - Z Ms. Kelly KKelly@birmingham.k12.mi.us
    Students with last names ending in A - L Mr. Miller DMiller@birmingham.k12.mi.us

    The format that we use for Opinions for Otterbacher is as follows:

     - Name (First and Last)
     - "I would like my counselor to know: "

    The counselors will address your wonderings and concerns either directly with you or possibly in the Opinions for Otterbacher section of the school newspaper, depending on which venue is the most appropriate. These notes will also be shared with Ms. Otterbacher, Mr. Smith, and Mr. Costello.

    We encourage you to contact us as needed. Your ideas and your thoughts are important to us. We are looking forward to your notes!!

    Ms. Kelly and Mr. Miller