Student Assistance Team (SAT)


    The Student Assistance Team (SAT) members work together as effective problem-solvers. By using the SAT model, members learn how to uncover underlying reasons that a student may be experiencing academic or behavioral difficulties. This allows the team to assemble practical, classroom friendly interventions to address learning and behavioral challenges. Any Beverly Elementary School teacher may refer a student to the team. The focus is to create strategies to help children be more successful in the classroom. Classroom teachers are central and highly valued members of the SAT. The SAT model promotes a collegial atmosphere in which staff members work together to solve student challenges. The SAT model supports research-based intervention strategies to promote student success. If you have questions with regard to your child's academic or behavioral progress, please contact your child's classroom teacher. Members of the SAT include classroom teachers and the support staff listed below.

    When do teachers refer students? 
    Teachers refer students to the SAT when they have implemented several strategies, but the student is not meeting developmental, academic, behavioral, and/or social expectations.

    What information is considered?
    The SAT carefully considers standardized test scores, classroom assessments/assignments, parent/family input, current grades, teacher observations, and additional school records.

    How can parents/families help?
    Parents/families can maintain good communication with the classroom teacher, provide parent input to the SAT through the teacher and continue to support their child at home with suggested strategies. Please refer to the Family Resources tab for additional information on how you can support the learning outcomes of your child. 

    Support Staff Emails:

    Mrs. Ballard, LRC Teacher:

    Ms. Williams, LRC Teacher:

    Mrs. Mohr, Psychologist:

    Mrs. Palileo, Instructional Specialist:

    Ms. Jordan, Social Worker:

    Mrs. Stoller, Reading Specialist:

    Mrs. Murua, Reading Specialist:

    Ms. Roy, Speech Therapist:

    Ms. Henderson, Speech Therapist:

    Ms. Logomarsino, Occupational Therapist:

    Ms. Gutowski, Physical Therapist:

    Mr. Cognetto, Counselor:
    Mrs. Vigneron, Principal: