Degrees and Certifications:

Dr. Manovski

miroslav pavle manovski, Ph.D. is an author, baritone, K-12 public school music educator, teacher of voice, vegan, and independent scholar of arts-based, autoethnographic and qualitative research.

Ever since I was a young person, I knew that I would be a singer. What I did not know was that I would have the opportunity to be a music educator for so many wonderful people. I have been teaching music to all kinds of learners since the early 2000s and this experience has mindfully enriched my life in ways I did not anticipate. From the process of earning my bachelor and master of music degrees from the University of Michigan, to earning my philosophy doctorate in music education from Oakland University, I have come to learn that no matter my experience: art is an active participant in my life.

In turn, I aim to healthfully find ways to positively enable our children to become more and more aware of how music and the arts may enrich their lives as part of our global experience. Our process within and through the arts exemplify ways of knowing and being in the world - ways of expressing and more deeply understanding - showcasing some of the most precious attributes of being human.

I work to humbly empower our learners and those supportive stake holders toward living caring, compassionate, empathetic, happy, and culturally/socially just lives where all people and their musical ways of knowing are valued and matter.This, along with allowing our evolving voice to be our guide for vocal longevity.