Harlan strives to provide opportunities for students to give voice and choice in their school. Through these opportunities, they gain leadership skills and work to improve their school, community, and world.  
    Student Leadership Teams 
    Grades 3-5 
    • The 4/5 Team plans activities, events, service projects, and educates the school community on community issues, character education and other topics they determine would benefit our school.  They meet with the 3rd Grade Team once a month to provide leadership mentoring. The 3rd Grade team spends the year learning the 7 Habits of Happy Kids (Covey leadership skills) and assists the 4/5 team with their work. 
    Green Team
    Grades 2-5
    • Students assess and plan ways to improve the environmental efforts in our school and community. They work to educate others on issues in our school, community and world. See the Green Team page for more information.
    Service/Safety Squad 
    Grades 4-5
    • Our school is a safer place due to the efforts of our Service and Safety Squad who supervise and provide assistance to students at arrival and dismissal time.