• Pembroke strives to provide opportunities for students to give voice and choice in their school. Through these opportunities, they gain leadership skills and work to improve their school, community, and world.  
    Student Leadership Teams 
    Grades 3-5 
    • The 4/5 Team plans activities, events, service projects, and educates the school community on community issues, character education and other topics they determine would benefit our school.  They meet with the 3rd Grade Team once a month to provide leadership mentoring. The 3rd Grade team spends the year learning the 7 Habits of Happy Kids (Covey leadership skills) and assists the 4/5 team with their work. 
    • The LINKS Program is a peer-to-peer support program in which general education students interact with students with special needs to promote positive peer interactions.  Students with special needs who are enrolled in the LINKS program work collaboratively with their peers and practice reciprocal social experiences.  Research demonstrates that students with disabilities learn best in integrated setting with positive peers who are modeling desirable social behaviors and independent living skills. The LINKS program helps teach the general education students about disabilities and also develops tolerance and acceptance within the school community.
    Service/Safety Squad 
    Grades 4-5
    • Our school is a safer place due to the efforts of our Service and Safety Squad who help with supervision and provide assistance to students at arrival and dismissal time.