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    Dear Seaholm Families:


    State testing is taking place in all Michigan high schools beginning April 12th, 2023.  Please note the testing dates, times, and requirements by grade level. It is important that every effort is made for students to be present and on time on the days of testing. These are NOT “opted-in” assessments.  All 9th, 10th, and 11th-grade students must complete their required assessments, see the schedule below.


    The Michigan Merit Exam (MME) is a state-required test for all freshmen, sophomores, and juniors. 

    For freshmen, students will take PSAT 8/9.

    For sophomores, students will take PSAT 10.

    For juniors, the students will complete three assessments: SAT with Essay (Students must complete the essay portion of the test.), ACT WorkKeys, and the M-Step tests. 

    All parts of the MME must be taken to fulfill federal, state, and district requirements. Students who miss any testing will be scheduled for required makeup testing, which will inevitably result in missing class and important instructional time.  Please encourage your student to get a good night’s rest and to eat a healthy breakfast for all testing days. 


    Thank you for your support!


    Attendance Schedule

    Test Date 

    Assessment and Grade


    Wednesday, April 12

    PSAT 9 - 9th grade in the cafeteria 


    SAT w/Essay - 11th grade in the gym

    Testers will be dismissed upon completion.

    10th and 12th graders DO NOT report.

    No shuttle/No food service.

    Busses will run on a staggered schedule upon dismissal.

    Thursday, April 13

    PSAT 10 -  10th grade in the cafeteria


    ACT WorkKeys - 11th grade in the gym

    Students in grades 10 and 11 will start testing at 7:30, eat lunch, and then attend class. Test takers may grab a boxed lunch from the cafeteria.

    Delayed start for grades 9 and 12 (noon-2:50 PM)

    No shuttle.

    Friday, April 14

    No Testing

    Seaholm runs a regular M/W/F class and transportation schedule.

    No shuttle to Groves.

    Tuesday, April 18

    M-Step - 11th grade 


    Students are assigned various rooms – signs will be posted throughout the building.

    Students in grade 11 need to report to school by 7:30 am (Testing will be 3 hours long).

    X-Block day for students in grades 9, 10, 12 

    Regular lunch schedule for X-Block day

    All students with approved CollegeBoard accommodations will be notified of their testing location.

    Altered Bus Schedule

    • All buses for AM pick-up will run on the regular AM schedule.
    • OSTC - Buses for OSTC will run their normal routes for seniors. Juniors will not be attending OSTC as they will be testing.  Seniors attending OSTC will attend classes upon their return to Seaholm.


    Students Should Bring:


    Students Should Not Bring:

    • Cell phones/Electronic Devices/Apple Watches/Smartwatches - Cell Phones:  please encourage your student to leave their cell phone at home or in their locker or car.  Cell phones are strictly prohibited for all testing.
    • Backpacks/Bags
    • Food/Drinks


    Tips for Student Success:

    • Get a good night’s sleep and eat a good breakfast.
    • Answer every question. Students are not penalized for incorrect answers, so they should fill in a bubble even if it is a complete guess. (25% chance to get it right!)
    • Narrow down your answer choices. Each option that is eliminated increases their chance of getting a correct answer.
    • Students need to pace themselves. Practice moving from question to question throughout the time allotted. Students don't get any extra points for answering more difficult questions. Feel free to move on to easier questions when stuck and come back if there's time.



    PSAT, SAT, AND M-STEP What Parents Should Know About Assessments (michigan.gov)

    ACT WorkKeys http://www.act.org/content/act/en/products-and-services/workkeys-for-job-seekers/ncrc.html






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    Mission Statement

    The Birmingham Counseling Program's "whole-child" approach is an integral part of the educational mission of the Birmingham Public Schools. The comprehensive guidance program will empower students to make responsible academic/personal-social, and college/career choices to gain self-knowledge and understand the uniqueness of others. Counselors will provide opportunities for academic achievement, personal /social growth, and college/career exploration for every student.Counselors will coordinate, consult, and collaborate with staff, parents, and the community to help all students be successful lifelong learners in a global society. 

    Our Beliefs

    • All students will learn.
    • All students will be successful.
    • All students develop and grow at their own rates.

    We provide the following services: 

    • Provide Guidance Curriculum, a.k.a. information you should know
    • Provide social and emotional support
    • Provide career and college counseling
    • Provide academic support

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