MAEO Stars 2023 at Delta College


  • What is the daily bell schedule at LSA?

    LSA runs on the exact same daily bell schedule as Groves and Seaholm. We begin school at 7:30 am on MWF and 8:25 am on T/Th X-Block days. School dismisses at 2:50 pm. All of our half days, breaks, etc, are the same as Groves and Seaholm. 

    Can I still participate in athletics, clubs, and all other extracurriculars at Groves and Seaholm?

    Yes! In fact, we highly encourage our students to continue their participation in their home high school's activities. Our LSA students are still fully considered students at Groves or Seaholm. Our students are held to the same MHSAA eligibility standards for athletics. LSA students attend their academic classes at LSA, but all other school activities and events take place at the traditional home high school. 

    Can I still participate in OSTC (Oakland Schools Technical Campus) if I attend LSA?

    Yes! Our students attend the AM sessions at OSTC. 


    Will I graduate with a different type of diploma or certificate of completion if I attend LSA?

    No. Our LSA students are working towards earning their diplomas from Groves or Seaholm. This is why we have the same graduation requirements as both high schools. 


    What does LSA do differently than Groves and Seaholm to help with credit recovery?

    If a student is credit deficient, then we will schedule them into various Academic Lab and Learning Strategies classroom settings that will specifically focus on working through credit recovery work alongside the support of one of our teachers and/or paraprofessionals. We also do not give homework at LSA. The homework that can be completed after school would be the credit recovery work that is offered through Apex Learning. 


    Where is LSA located? 

    We are located at the garden level of Seaholm High School in the E-hallway. 


    How do I sign up to attend LSA?

    The good news is that there is no sign-up necessary to switch over to LSA. A conversation should occur at Groves/Seaholm with the student's counselor and assistant principal to determine if LSA is the right fit. If LSA is the recommendation, then we will set up a time for you to meet with Mr. Brooks. Mr. Brooks will take care of getting students scheduled at LSA. There is no paper work and the process is fairly simple.