Foods and Nutrition

    This course is designed to provide students with skills necessary to apply proper nutrition to meal planning and preparation. Students will have opportunities to participate in many labs that include the preparation of fruits, grains, dairy products, meats, vegetables and various dessert recipes. In addition students will have chances to experience outdoor grilling. Course activities focus on good nutrition, kitchen safety, sanitation and healthy life style choices.

    Prerequisite: None

    Grades Taught: 9, 10,11,12

    Multicultural Foods

    This course is designed to provide students the opportunity to expand their knowledge and skills in food planning and preparation. The focus of this class will be on the characteristics of foods from different cultures, regions and countries. Students will demonstrate a favorite cultural/regional recipe.

    Prerequisite: Foods and Nutrition

    Grades Taught: 10, 11,12

    May repeat the course with teacher approval

    Interior Design

    This course is designed to provide students with skills necessary to create a personal house. Class activities will develop your “designer’s eye,” in combining the elements and principles of design to create a harmonious interior.

    Projects are integrated throughout the course to provide applications in architecture, furniture styles, floor planning and interiors.

    Prerequisite: None

    Grades Taught:

    10, 11, 12

    May repeat the course with teacher approval

    Parenting & Child Development

    This course is designed to provide student with the opportunity to gain knowledge in early childhood development through activities and discussions. Emphasis is placed on parenting, genetics, heredity, reproduction and stages of development. Students participate with a computerized “Baby Think It Over” doll that simulates daily baby care and responsibility. The importance of strong parent-child relationships as an influence on the child’s social, emotional, and physical and intellectual development is explored.

    Prerequisite: None

    Grades Taught: 10, 11,12

    Contemporary Life Issues

    This course helps students understand and cope with personal, family and social challenges. Course topics will be tailored to class needs and interests; including personal and family relationships, character development, communication, decision-making, basic personal finance, stress management.

    Emphasis is placed on students taking personal responsibility for their lives.

    Prerequisite: None

    Grades Taught: 10, 11,12

    Human Sexuality

    This course is designed to provide students with a comprehensive study of human sexuality. It encompasses the biological, social, psychological and cultural dimensions of sexuality. Senior students address the following: sexual development, reproductive health, lifelong interpersonal relationships, effective communication, abstinence education, and healthy decision-making.

    Prerequisite: Today’s Health

    Grade Taught: 12

    Today’s Health

    Today’s Health is designed to provide students with the practical life skills necessary to maintain total health today and in the future. Major course emphasis is placed on wellness, understanding self and others, substance use and abuse, and human sexuality. Abstinence from risk behaviors is the primary focus of this course.

    Students will practice the decision-making and peer refusal skills necessary to help them avoid these behaviors. A service experience of 10 hours will be required and completed while enrolled in the course.

    Today’s Health fulfills the graduation requirements for ½credit of health education.

    Prerequisite: None

    Grade Taught: 11, 12

    This course fulfills the graduation requirement for .5 credit of Health