Release of Records

  • According to Public Law 600.2165, once you reach age 18, your status changes from that of a minor to an adult. Consequently, after your 18th birthday, only you can request your student records.

     We are no longer legally allowed to release these records to parents.
     When you wish to have your transcripts sent to a college, a place of employment or for self viewing, you will need to make a request on Parchment,

     *  A printed Request for Records form is available through the Student Center at 248-203-3751.

     600.2165 Disclosure of students’ records or communications by school teacher or employee.

     Sec. 2165. No teacher, guidance officer, school executive or other professional person engaged in character building in the public schools or in any other educational institution, including any clerical worker of such schools and institutions, who maintains records of students’ behavior or who has records in his custody, or who receives in confidence communications from students or other juveniles, shall be allowed in any proceedings, civil or criminal, in any court of this state, to disclose any information obtained by him from the records or such communications; nor to produce records or transcript thereof, except that testimony may be given, with the consent of the person so confiding or to whom the records relate, if the person is 18 years of age or over, or, if the person is a minor, with the consent of his or her parent or legal guardian.

     HISTORY:  New 1961, p.496. Act 236. Eff. Jan. 1, 1963:-Am. 1972.

    p. 146. Act 87. Imd. Eff. Mar. 20.

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