Playground Updates


    We have a BIG GOAL of raising $150,000. This fundraiser only lasts Saturday May 20th at 6am to Wednesday May 24th at 6am!   Click here for info on how to register. If every student were to raise $250, we would meet our goal!  If you do not want to participate in selling popcorn, there is a direct donation option for you. Click here.


    Playground FAQ - More info coming soon!

    Why did other elementary schools get a new playground? Other schools in our district used the 2020 Bond money to pay for their new playgrounds. The bond allocation and list of approved improvements for BCS was determined during the 2019-2020 year. A new playground is not in the plan for bond improvements for BCS.

    Why can't the district pay for a new playground? The district doesn't have the funds available to fund this project. All current bond money has been allocated to much needed building improvements. The BCS Playground and Outdoor Improvement Project plan has been reviewed by the District

    Have we looking into Grants to pay for this? We have started researching available grants and we will be submitting grant requests. If anyone has any experience with this, please reach out!

    How long will BCS fundraise for? BCS expects to fundraise for 1 to 3 years. 

    When will the playground be installed? That all depends on when we reach our fundraising goal. Once the funds have been raised, the district will put out requests for official bids for the project. Installation will be determined in the future.  

    Donations made through this campaign will be directed toward playground and outdoor place improvements.  However, the funds will be considered unrestricted and may be directed toward the general fund if the goal has not been met or alternate funding becomes available. 

    Can I make a direct donation? - Yes, please see the link HERE or use the QR code below to donate.