School Directory

  • Each year the PTA assembles the School Directory. The directory is an important tool for the BCS community to interact with one another. Whether it is to make weekend plans, call on a parent to be a volunteer, or reach a teacher, our families use the directory every day. 

    The BCS Directory information CANNOT be used for personal, business or political endorsements or promotions.

    Welcome to a 2019-2020 school year!  As part of our annual "back to school” process, we need you to enter/review the information we have for your family and become a member of our wonderful parent association (you can now do this online!).  We have a lot of great programs planned this year that need your support.  By using the link below, you can:

    1. ​Enter/Update/Confirm your family contact information for the directory
    2. Purchase membership to and support the BCS PTA

    Thank you for your prompt attention.  Help us make this school year the BEST EVER!

    If you have any ideas for improving the directory for next year, please feel free to contact us at

    This committee coordinates the dissemination and publication of information from various PTSA committees, the BCS staff and administration, and other organizations such as athletics and music programs to the BCS committee.