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    Calling all BCS Artists to participate in this year’s 

    National PTA Reflections program!

    This year’s theme is:  I Will Change the World By…

    Students are invited to reflect on this year’s theme and submit original artwork in any of the following categories:

    ·         Dance Choreography

    ·         Photography

    ·         Film Production

    ·         Visual Arts

    ·         Literature

    ·         Special Artist Category

    ·         Music Composition



    BCS-Specific Submission Guidelines

    For all entries: 

    • Please make sure that you have read and complied with all of the rules for the category to which you are submitting.
    • Please make sure that your artist’s name/initials are NOT INCLUDED ANYWHERE on the artwork (unless instructed by category specific rules) or the entry will be disqualified.
      • Please make sure that the entry form/consent form are filled out COMPLETELY.
    • Only one student may submit an entry (no collaborations). 
    • A student can submit a maximum of one entry per category, but a student may enter multiple categories.

    For entries in Dance Choreography, Musical Composition, Film/Video Production, Photography, and Literature:

    • Complete BCS PTA Reflections Art Submission Google Form.  Assure that completed PTA Reflections Entry Form and Consent Form are attached to it.  
    • Assure that digital files are in the appropriate format as specified in category rules.

    For entries in Visual Arts ONLY:

    • Complete BCS PTA Reflections Art Submission Google Form.  Assure that completed PTA Reflections Entry Form and Consent Form are attached in the form.
    • Submit your original visual arts artwork in accordance with category guidelines in person with a copy of the entry form/consent form attached to the Reflections bin by the media center NO LATER THAN 4PM ON THURSDAY 11/11/21.

    For entries in Special Artist:

    • Please submit artwork per method described in categories above depending on the type of artwork.
    • Please also note Special Artist in the category.

    Entry Forms

    National PTA Category-Specific Rules

    Theme Search Contest: The search is on for a future Reflections theme! Students can participate in the annual Theme Search Contest.  Through the annual search process, one winning student's theme will inspire the hundreds of thousands of student artists that participate in the 2023-2024 Reflections program.  The winning student will also receive a $100 award and national recognition. Theme Search entries need to be submitted by November 11, 2021. Please complete the following (Theme Search Submission Form) and follow instructions.

    For additional information, please see: BPS PTA Reflections Home Page, Michigan PTA Reflections Home Page, or National PTA Reflections Home Page

    2020-2021 BCS Reflections Winners List

    2020-2021 BCS Virtual Art Exhibit

    Questions? Email the BCS Reflections Committee