Choice Hour

  • An expanded day offers elementary and middle-school age students additional learning experiences based on their interests and abilities.

    Choice Hour Overview

    In an extra period of instruction, students explore a variety of electives that include:

    • Performance opportunities in the arts
    • Competitive and talent development opportunities in the arts
    • Additional academic courses and study support opportunities
    • Physical fitness and sports
    • Applications of technology
    • Experiential learning opportunities
    • Clubs and community service

    Students in grades 3-8 are required to participate in at least three days of expanded instruction. Most students (approximately 80%) participate each day of the week. Students who do not participate need to be picked up by 3:30pm.

    Choice Hour Information

    Quarterly Choice Hour booklets are no longer being distributed to students at BCS. Choice Hour Flyers will be delivered to students prior to each quarter. Online registration needs to be completed by the deadline indicated on the form.

    •  We will not schedule students into classes if payment in full is not turned in to the office, or completed electronically.  Students who do not turn in a complete the Google Form and submit payment by the deadline, will not be allowed to make a change in their schedule once they receive it.

    • Students who do not complete online registration will not be placed in any Choice Hour classes. If a class should go to a lottery for student placement, priority will be given to students who complete online registration by the deadline.

    • Electronic payment is now available for Choice Hour fees. Go to the eFunds for Schools page.

    • Some classes require an application. Make sure you include the application with the returned choice hour form.

    • Students participating in after school athletics must be enrolled in Choice Hour if their team practice is scheduled to begin after the choice hour program.  Go to Athletics Home for links to schedules.

    • Please be advised that in addition to the quarterly Choice Hour Fees, it may be necessary to add a materials fee to some of our classes.  If there are financial needs, call Mr. Morawski or Mr. Hill. Confidential arrangements will be made. No child will be excluded from a fee class for financial reasons.  Do not include payment for “Materials Fees” or “Pay to Play” as there will be a separate billing once scheduling is complete.

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