Choice Hour

  • Choice Hour Information - What is Choice Hour?

    • An expanded day devoted to enrichment and additional learning experiences based on interests and abilities
    • Opportunities for students in academics, academic competitions, academic support, technology, fine arts, the arts, clubs, community service, physical fitness and sports
    • Many of the classes offer 8-10 week ‘curriculums’ – building from week to week
    • Classes are taught by district teachers, paraprofessionals, parents, alumni, and members of the community. 

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    Quarter IV Information - Sign Up & Process Information

    Quarter IV runs Monday April 26 - Thursday June 11, 2021

    Choice Hour Quarter IV Schedules (listed by Student ID Number)

    Zoom Links can be found in the WAG and are sent directly to students.  

    • Choice Hour will run daily from 3:25-4:10pm.
    • Buses will be leaving BCS at 4:10pm for Quarter IV - NOT 3:15pm. If your child plans to take the bus home they must be enrolled in Choice Hour. 
    • Classes are offered in three formats:
      • In Person: Open to face to face students only
      • Hybrid: Open to face to face students AND virtual students (who can livestream the class)
      • Virtual: Open to virtual students only
    • In-Person students can only choose in-person and hybrid classes 
    • Virtual students can only choose hybrid or virtual
    • Friday classes are all virtual and open to ALL students
    • A few notes about Choice Hour Quarter IV:
      • There will be no change period this quarter. Adds and drops will be taken through Friday, April 30. 
      • Drop in Choice Hours will not be an option. Only enrolled students can attend choice hour and attendance and seating charts will be enforced. 
      • Leaving early is highly discouraged. If your student can not stay for the entire choice hour period, please consider picking them up before choice hour begins at 3:15pm. 
      • Competitive Sports (Tennis, Track, Girls Soccer) - You do not need to sign up for these as a choice hour. If you are on the team you will be automatically enrolled in these classes. Only sign up for classes on non-practice or games days where available. See your coach’s schedules for more details. 
      • There is not a change form this quarter due to the class size restraints and the short quarter. Students can drop (but must be picked up at 3:15) or add/sign up late from the remaining available classes using the forms below. 

    How to Sign Up

    To access the late sign up forms and booklet of open classes visit:

    Sign ups will be taken and processed on a rolling basis through Sunday, May 2 and changes will take effect on Monday, May 3. Students will need to be picked up throughout the first week of Choice Hour (April 26-April 30) as late sign ups will not take effect until the following week.

    You will be notified of your selections via email after processing!


    How to Pay

    • Three days of Choice Hour are required and offered at NO CHARGE.
    • A 4th day is $55 for the quarter.
    • A 5th day is $55 for the quarter. Students staying 5 days, owe $110 total.
    • Payment Options: Cash, Check, or eFunds electronic payment.

    Students will not be scheduled into Choice Hour classes unless payment in full is made by the deadline. 

    You will indicate on the online sign-up form if you plan to pay by check/cash or using eFunds. Students with past due balances will not be scheduled into classes.

    Choice Hour Materials Fees: Do not include payment for “Materials Fees” or “Pay to Play” as there will be a separate billing once scheduling is complete.

    If there are financial needs, call Dr. Hakim or Mr. Hill.  Confidential arrangements will be made.  No child will be excluded from a fee class for financial reasons.  

    More Choice Hour FAQ’s

    What happens if there are more students than openings in a Choice Hour class?

    All students who have submitted their Choice Hour selections on time will be placed in a lottery.  If a student doesn’t make the lottery cut, then their second selection will be considered.

    Is Choice Hour sign up done on a first come, first served basis?

    No, any student who submits their electronic Choice Hour selection form on or before the due date is given equal consideration for placement.

    Is there Choice Hour on half days of school?

    There is no Choice Hour on half days of school. 

    Who do I talk to if I have a question regarding the Choice Hour program?

    If you have questions about choice hour in regards to class content, attendance policies, scheduling, student absences from choice hour or if you are interested in teaching a choice hour class please contact

    Is Choice Hour mandatory?

    All students in grades 3 through 8 are required to attend Choice Hour three days per week at no charge.  

    What should I do if my child can’t attend the required number of days?

    If your child can’t attend the required number of days, then you need to apply for a Choice Hour Waiver. 

    Why are we charging a fee for Choice Hour?

    As part of the Birmingham Board of Education's Budget Deficit Reduction Plan, BCS was charged with reducing costs in educational programs.  As one means of reducing these costs, the BCS Restructuring Committee recommended the concept of charging a fee for Choice Hour.  The Birmingham Board of Education approved these recommendations.

    How do I report a Choice Hour absence?

    Report the absence by emailing Courtney Bassett. 

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