• On Nov. 8, 2016 voters approved the BPS School Operating Millage Renewal. Learn more about the millage below. 
    2017 Millage Renewal = zero rate increase

    What was on the ballot? 
    On Nov. 8, 2016 voters were asked to renew the School Operating Millage Proposal for Birmingham Public Schools. This proposal appeared on the general election ballot and asked voters to continue to authorize up to 10.9236 mills for general operating purposes for five years. The current millage expires in December 2016 and needed to be renewed for the district to receive full funding for students. 

    How does this renewal impact voters?
    Approval of the operating millage will not increase tax rates for the average property owners. The amount that can be collected on both homestead and non-homestead properties is established by the state. The millage represents a significant percentage of the district’s operating revenue. If the renewal fails, the district would lose about $43.2 million in operating revenues per year beginning in 2017-18. 

    How does the millage renewal benefit residents who do not have children in Birmingham Public Schools?
    An investment in schools is an investment in the community. Strong schools create strong property values and a community that is attractive to businesses and prospective residents. 
    If there is a zero increase, why is a renewal necessary?
    In order for BPS to continue to receive the full State Foundation Allowance for each student, this millage must be renewed.

    What about the Bond Proposal that was recently passed? 
    Bond money has legal requirements that must be followed. The 2015 Bond was for construction and renovation expenses to improve and upgrade our facilities. By law, it must be used for those purposes only and cannot be used for operating expenses, such as teacher salaries, building maintenance, utilities, classroom supplies and other program costs. 


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