Mission Statement

  • Mission Statement

    Seaholm High School’s faculty, staff and community believe that it is their mission to help every student learn to think with reflection, act with compassion, and perform with honor in high school and beyond.

    True vision looks forward in a way that integrates the lessons of the past and the energy of the present into a commitment that will fulfill the promise of the future.

    At Seaholm, such a vision will guide our decision making process as we embrace the characteristics of the high school that we wish to become.

    We will transform this vision into a reality through commitment to the belief that every student will learn. The principles listed below exemplify that belief.


     The essence of Seaholm High School is embodied in the conduct, character, and achievement of every student. At Seaholm High School, every student:

    ·       feels safe, protected and valued

    ·       accepts the challenge to reach his/her potential

    ·       respects other students, staff, visitors and the building

    ·       honors the uniqueness of each individual

    ·       demonstrates academic integrity

    ·       sets goals and strives to achieve them

    ·       takes responsibility for his/her own learning

    ·       seems to make a positive significant difference in his/her school; and

    ·       takes pride in Seaholm High School.



    Seaholm High School staff members dedicate themselves to a positive, motivational and collaborative learning environment. At Seaholm High School, every staff member:

    ·       communicates passion for teaching and learning

    ·       demonstrates and maintains expertise in his/her field

    ·       supports and respects one another as professionals

    ·       respects individual needs of every student

    ·       participates in the decision-making process

    ·       displays willingness to explore new ideas; and

    ·       understands and commits to the Seaholm High School vision.


    Seaholm’s curriculum stimulates the intellect and engages every student in the wonder of learning. In conjunction with the feeder schools, Seaholm teachers design and aligned curriculum complete with common outcomes, which they monitor to ensure every student’s achievement. Such a curriculum compels every student to achieve his/her potential. At Seaholm High School, the curriculum:

    ·       promotes discovery, critical thinking and independent learning

    ·       prepares every student for college and career

    ·       challenges every student academically

    ·       evolves with periodic review

    ·       helps every student connect ideas across subject areas

    ·       embeds technology appropriately as a means to achieve curricular objectives

    ·       provides opportunity for a college-level experience for every student

    ·       broadens every student’s perspective through an appreciation and understanding of diverse cultures and individual differences; and

    ·       prepares every student to become an informed, participating citizen in our democratic society.



    Seaholm High School provides a safe, clean, and welcoming environment that enables every student and staff member to develop his or her potential. Such a climate nurtures joy in learning and satisfaction in working together to fulfill that potential. At Seaholm High School, the climate:

    ·       nurtures intellectual curiosity and creativity

    ·       promotes mutual trust and respect

    ·       encourages honest feedback; and

    ·       celebrates student and staff achievements.


    Parents play a crucial role in the education of their children, At Seaholm High School, every parent:

    •       feels welcomed and valued

    •       participated in shaping and supporting our vision;

    •       participates in student’s learning

    •       communicates effectively with teachers

    •       assists his/her child in balancing academics with co-curricular activities and jobs

    •       supports school policies; and

    •       encourages individual independence and responsibility.


    Seaholm High School recognizes the importance of effective partnerships with the community. The larger community:

    •       participated in shaping and supporting the vision

    •       provides opportunities for students to gain life experiences and to explore career options

    •       commits necessary resources to supporting education

    •       demonstrates pride in Seaholm High School; and

    •       values Seaholm High School as a resource.