Please report your child’s tardiness or absence directly to school by email to  

    derbyattendance@birmingham.k12.mi.us by 8:00AM each day. Absences or tardiness may also be reported to the 24-Hour Derby Attendance line at 248-203-5000, option 2 (EMAIL IS PREFERRED).  

    When reporting your student's absence, please state:

    a. Student name and grade

    b. Will the student be absent or tardy?

    c. How long will the student be absent?

    d. Reason for absence or tardiness:

    • Appointment (a doctor's note is necessary for your child to be considered Excused Exempt if at orthodontist, dentist, pediatrician, etc)

    • Illness (please state the nature of the illness if known, ex: flu, stomach virus, pink eye, strep, etc.)

    • Shadowing at a High School

    • Bereavement

    • Religious Holiday

    • Vacation

    To fully exempt an absence, documentation is required (a doctor’s note, etc.). These can be dropped off at the Main Office by your student or emailed directly to  derbyattendance@birmingham.k12.mi.us.

    Absences or tardiness not reported to the Derby attendance office will be recorded as unexcused (Please note that sending a note to your child’s teacher does not excuse your child. Always contact the attendance office in the event of a student absence). 

    Extended Absence Requests

    Students who have planned absences of more than 2 days need to submit an Extended Absence Form to the Derby office to be signed by each teacher and approved by the Derby Principal. Please be sure to allow your student enough time to get all required signatures for approval (Do not submit the form to the office without signatures the day before the absence).