• Attendance email: derbyattendance@birmingham.k12.mi.us

    Attendance line: (248) 203-5000, then press 2. 

    There are now two ways to report your student(s) absence to our school. Calls may be made to the attendance line at 248.203.5000/Follow prompts for absence reporting. Parents/Guardians may now e-mail the school at derbyattendance@birmingham.k12.mi.us

    Please report your student(s) absence or tardy as soon as possible. The attendance process begins at the beginning of first hour (8:15 am) and continues each class period throughout the day.

    Thank you! 

    • ALL students who will be absent or tardy must be reported by a parent or guardian to the attendance office by 8:10 a.m. each day. Email is preferred to: derbyattendance@birmingham.k12.mi.us


    • Absences or tardies reported to the Derby attendance office will be recorded as excused (Sending a note to your child's teacher does not excuse your child. Always contact the attendance office in the event of a student absence).


    • When calling Derby, please state:
      a. Student name and grade
      b. Will the student be absent or tardy?
      c. How long will the student be absent?
      d. Reason for absence or tardiness:
      • Appointment (a doctor's note is necessary for your child to be considered Excused Exempt if at orthodontist, dentist, pediatrician, etc)
      • Illness (please state the nature of the illness if known, ex: flu, stomach virus, pink eye, strep, etc.)
      • Shadowing at a High School
      • Bereavement
      • Religious Holiday
      • Vacation


    • Extended Absence Requests: Students who have planned absences of more than 2 days need to submit an Extended Absence Request Form to the Derby office to be signed by the Derby principal.