• Mrs. Bacon     
    Alison Bacon
    Title One Math Support Teacher
    Greenfield Elementary School
    Phone: 248-203-3213 
    Welcome to Greenfield Math Support.  I am Alison Bacon, and I am so happy that I get to work on math concepts with your child!  I am at Greenfield on Tuesday and Thursdays each week.
    Students who are identified for Math Support visit in a small group setting for 30-40 minutes, twice per week.  We work on standards that your child has struggled with or has not yet mastered. I use class concepts as my guide for instruction, while allowing students to participate in hands on learning that also intergrates technology.  At home, it is important for your child to keep up with their general classroom math homework, in addition to practicing and memorizing their basic math facts.  
    Below are some math websites that your child can use to help with their understanding of math concepts.