Bingham Farms Elementary takes our Character Education very seriously!  We are always looking for ways to "Be our Bingham Best" every day!

    Our Bingham Best Touchstone reflects out Core Values as a School:






    Our Charcater Touchstone is displayed all around the school and it displays our Eagle and their Soaring with Character

    Our Character Touchstone


    This year is 2017, we have revived and revised our Character Ed program to ensure greater consistency in adult understanding so that as a result the students would have a more positive experience. Every day is a chance for kdis to be the Bingham Best!

    We met with staff and parents to develop our School Rules- Which are really our Touchstone Expectations so kids can understand what it looks like:

    the K-2 Version

    younger version

    3-5 Rules

    And as you walk around the Hallway you may see some of these posters of what our Bingham Best Traits looks like in certain areas.

    hallway     Lockers   playground


    And also here as well.....

    cafe    bathroom


    Then we finally after Eagle TRaining showed students how if they showed their Bingham Best they could receive an I SPY with my Eagle Eye

    one i spy

    And if kids get 5 per month they can put them on our Bingham Best Eagle Board

    Eagel Board


    So this year has been specatcular!!