Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. Shelly Potter

Hello and Welcome Friends! 

It is my pleasure to say that I'm the Instructional Specialist at Greenfield, and I love my job!  Some of you may not know what an Instructional Specialist is, so let me just describe some of my responsibilities, which include coordinating: Title One and G-PAS support and intervention systems, state and national testing, data analysis, professional learning in the building and in the district, assisting teachers, and more (including directing traffic in the express loop and other duties!). 

I have been in the district for almost 30 years now (how did that happen so quickly?).  I've been lucky enough to teach every grade level, K-6, as well as Enrichment, Reading, and Reading Recovery. It's been awesome!

One of my favorite projects is Greenfield's League of Leading Ladies, where several teachers, parents and I meet once per week, during lunchtime, with our 4th and 5th grade girls to talk about what it takes to be a woman of character.  That group just lifts my heart! 

Stay tuned for more to come!