• Welcome to My Class!

     My name is Charles Crimando, and I teach a variety of English courses at Wylie E. Groves High School. Below, you will find some information about some courses I teach. Feel free to reach out to me any time you have questions.

    Please refer to my Google Classroom page for our syllabus, class calendar, and all out-of-class assignments. 

    English 11A

    In this course, you will be examining how to write (more specifically, how to persuade) and read more effectively. Through the course, we will discover what it means to live in our time, confronting the unique challenges we face right now. We will have opportunities to decide what positive changes we wish to make on our worlds, lighting the way for others in the future. We will also prepare for the tasks that junior year presents, including the SAT. 

    English 9A

    This course provides students with the opportunity to study literary forms, the development of a reading habit, and the improvement of language and composition skills. The course pursues a thematic focus using a variety of texts as vehicles for discussion. Writing and reading are critical elements to success in any field. Beyond that, though, I believe that literature is a way to connect all of us. You should certainly learn how to write and read effectively in this class, but more than that, I hope we can learn more about what it means to be a human being



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    Mr. Crimando