Parent Involvement

  • The Board requires, in compliance with State and Federal law, the Superintendent or designee to develop a parent/guardian involvement plan to encourage parent-school cooperation. Each school will also develop a parent/guardian involvement plan that encourages parent-school cooperation.

    The parent/guardian involvement policy and plans will be shared with parents/guardians on the District website, school websites, and in parent/student handbooks. 

    Family Involvement

    The education of a child is a joint responsibility shared between parents/guardians and their school community. Strong parent-school partnership and cooperation provide academic, social and emotional benefits to students. Beverly Elementary Staff, the PTA and Community Education each provide partnership and communication opportunities to develop and strengthen parent-school cooperation and encourage involvement within our district/school.

    Through a variety of communication platforms, we share news and events to further these connections and encourage parent involvement within our buildings and partner organizations. We design and foster events, programs and organizations focused on students and with our community partnerships in mind. We encourage families and the community to stay connected and learn about these involvement opportunities through:

    • Beverly Elementary eNews – If you have a student in the school, you’re automatically subscribed to our eNews! The district system follows your child through their K-12 education and places them in the correct school email system using the email address you submit as your contact at registration. Check with our school office if you need to make a change.
    • Our website – Our website offers you connections to staff, links and resources and important information for our families.
    • Social media – follow us on social media! Follow us on Twitter @Beverly_Bobcats.
    • Classroom communications – Look for classroom communications or reach out to your child’s teacher to learn how best to connect.

    In accordance with Policy 9250, parents can further contribute to their child’s success by:

    1. supporting the schools in requiring that the children observe all school rules and regulations, and by accepting their own responsibility for children's in-school behavior;
    2. sending children to school with proper attention to their health, personal cleanliness, and dress;
    3. maintaining an active interest in the student's daily work and making it possible for the student to complete assigned homework by providing a quiet place and suitable conditions for study;
    4. reading all communications from the school, and District and signing and returning them promptly when requested;
    5. cooperating with the school in attending conferences set up for the exchange of information of the child's progress in school.