2019-2020 Student Parking

  • 2019-2020 Seaholm High School Parking Rules


    1. Complete ON-LINE Registration for Student and Vehicle Information. 
    2. Print confirmation email and bring with your to in-person registration.
    3. Read and sign this form and bring it along with your license, vehicle registration, proof of insurance and check for $95 to the in-person registration at the designated date and time. Check should be made payable to: Seaholm High School.
    4. You will receive a receipt and bring it to registration in August to receive your hang-tag for the start of the 2019-2020 school year.

     Parking is a privilege, not a right.  Students will have hang tags withdrawn and driving privileges revoked, without a refund, if they:

    • Are suspended or put on an attendance notice for skipping classes or excessive absences.
    • Are engaged in misbehavior or cause an accident by recklessness or violation of traffic regulations.
    • Violate Seaholm’s drug/alcohol policies.
    • Transport freshman and or/sophomore students to lunch.
    • Students may not share or sell parking permit with other student drivers.

    NOTE: Freshmen or sophomores using a permit without permission or parking without a permit will lose the privilege of obtaining a permit the following year.

    1. All students must be licensed and covered by insurance. The school is not responsible for the automobile and its contents.
    2. Hang tags will be sold for $95 to seniors first and the remaining spaces will be sold to juniors by a lottery system. Each parking permit will be numbered.  Replacement hang tags will be an additional $10; and only one replacement hang tag will be issued during a school year.
    3. Hang tags must be placed on the mirror of the windshield so that it is clearly visible from the front of the vehicleA car will be ticketed if there is no hang tag visible and affixed to the mirror of the windshield. Students must park only in designated areas and must NOT use more than one space.  Students must observe the 10 mph speed limit, all parking signs and not park on the sidewalks, lawns or in handicapped zones.
    4. There is NO STUDENT PARKING in front of the school on Lincoln or in the Community Education lot.
    5. Permits can only be used on a vehicle registered to a car’s owner or owner’s family.
    6. Student vehicles may be subject to search if there are reasonable grounds to believe that drugs, alcohol, stolen property or other contraband might be present in that vehicle.
    7. If you change vehicles you must bring proof of registration to the parking attendant.